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2022 PARID Conference


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RID Conference
July 26 - 30, 2023
Baltimore, MD

We need your voice!

We know interpreters are stretched thin, but are also deeply committed their colleagues and consumers. 

That's why we created a  streamlined  position  for each district that allows members' thoughts and concerns to be addressed by the PARID board. 

We hope you will consider applying as a District Representative! 

 Vacant  Board Positions


Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary

District 1 Representative

District 2 Representative

District 3 Representative

District 4 Representative

District 5 Representative

District 6 Representative

District 7 Representative

District 8 Representative

If you wish to learn a little bit more about these positions see the position descriptions. Contact president@parid.org with any additional questions.

Organizational Members

All Hands Interpreting Services

Amanda G Landrey

ASL Interpreting Learning Community of Delaware

ASL Services


Integrity Interpreting

Keystone Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Rachel McGarry

Sorenson Video Relay Services

PA Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (PARID) 

744 SOUTH STREET #750 Philadelphia PA 19147

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